Megan Turton

Tutor for: Easter 3-Day Beginners Jewellery Making Intensive, Make a Ring in a Day Workshop, Jewellery Summer School for Beginners

After graduating with a degree in architecture from California Polytechnic State University, Megan developed a keen interest in phenomenology in design, focusing on creating experiences that engage multiple senses. This passion seamlessly translates into her jewellery practice, where Megan crafts kinetic pieces that elevate the wearer’s experience through intentional interaction. Distinctive catches and clasps showcase Megan’s meticulous approach to detail.

Upon moving to Australia, she embarked on a decade-long journey in jewellery-making training under the mentorship of goldsmith Sondi. Proficient in techniques like mokume gane, fabricating hollow forms and bi-metal designs, Megan’s artistic journey is marked by numerous group shows, and in 2020, she presented a solo exhibition showcasing the depth and diversity of her craft across multiple mediums. 

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