Sydney Craft Week

Student hammering a rivet into sheet metal at SquarePeg Studios

SquarePeg Studios are proud to be once again participating Craft Week 2020, an initiative of The Australian Design Centre.

SquarePeg Studios opens its doors with an Open Studio, Exhibition and Market.

Visit SquarePeg Studios – we are a vibrant coworking jewellery workshop, studios and school. SquarePeg is home to thirteen Resident Jewellery Artists and one Graduate Artist in Residence. Our school presents multiple classes weekly taught by our talented team of tutors.

Come along and meet our skilled community of makers as we present a range of activities in 2020. Participate in jewellery making workshops, visit our Open Studio and Market alongside our Contemporary Jewellery exhibition in response to this year’s theme of ‘Change Makers’.

Aligned with our exhibition we present an interactive ‘treasure hunt’. Tokens hidden in our local neighbourhood link back to themes explored by the participating artists and symbolise our role as the custodians of change through the works we create and concepts we explore in that process. Once found, tokens can be exchanged for a corresponding piece from our exhibition. To find out more visit our social media platforms.

Details: Open Studio / Exhibition: Saturday 10th October, 10am – 4pm

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