Reflections on Water showing at Windowsmiths Gallery – Kings Cross

Work by Emily Copp Contemporary Object design at Windowsmiths Gallery

Currently showing at Windowsmiths Gallery in Kings Cross is a collection of jewellery and objects by SquarePeg Resident Artist, Tutor and Director Emily Copp. Do pop by, especially at night to see this collection of work which features lovely lighting as a part of the installation.

Reflections on Water (As Below, So Above) is a collection of objects and contemporary jewellery incorporating traditional jewellery-making approaches alongside the newer technology of hydraulic pressing. The collection of works is inspired by an exploration of environmental issues surrounding the extensive development of coal seam gas mining in Australia and its impact on water resources and communities. The mechanics of pressure have been used in the creation of these works as a commentary on the often-disastrous effects of fracking for the natural environment.

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