In-soul/Sole: Climate Emergency demands an artists go-slow

Windowsmiths SCW 2022

SquarePeg Resident Artist Fiona Meller is one of the three artists behind Windowsmiths: Fiona Meller, Marcia Swaby & Helen Wyatt. The three artists are presenting new work as part of Sydney Craft Week – read on to find out more.

To achieve an artistic response to the climate emergency, we need to bring slow looking into action.

Our focus is on walking and looking. Each of the three Windowsmiths artists are walking. Fiona Meller collects and transforms the detritus gathered from the contemporary streetscape. Helen Wyatt passes through history, encountering the imposition of form and structure that defines her local landscape and moulds it to human demands. Marcia Swaby travels through heritage – rediscovering multiple identities through place.

Quiet reflections and considered encounters hold the secrets to a sustainable future.

Windowsmiths will have concurrent window exhibitions in Bayswater Road, Potts Point and at 60 Evans Street, Rozelle.

Details: Friday 7 October – Sunday 16 October, window gallery on display 24/7; Craft Up Late: Tuesday 11 October, 5 – 8pm

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