Get Making in our Jewellery Summer School

Silver ring stack

Always wanted to learn how to make jewellery but don’t have the time during the year?  Then book into our intensive Jewellery Summer School and learn how to make your own rings, pendants and earrings over 4 days. Summer school runs from Tuesday 3 – Friday 6 January and is a great way to get a head start in jewellery making in one intensive hit. Students who complete our summer school are then totally set up to head straight into the Intermediate course, or the Wax Carving and Casting Workshop.

It’s really like having  a holiday here in Sydney – enjoying learning skills and make stuff all in our funky warehouse in Marrickville.

What do students learn?

Students learn the following techniques: how to cut metal, how to texture and stamp metal, riveting, how to form and solder metal. In fact all the fundamentals of jewellery design.

The tutor, Emily Copp is an contemporary jeweller and is one of our resident tutors. Emily will work with students to develop their designs before taking the class through all the techniques needed to create their own hand made jewellery.

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