Brenda Factor

Tutor for: Jewellery Studio ~ Beginners & Beyond Daytime Course, Winter School 2024, Intermediate & Continuing Jewellery Making, Carve a Silver Ring - Wax Carving and Casting Workshop, Beginners & Beyond Jewellery Making Course, Jewellery Summer School for Beginners

Brenda Factor is a designer and visual artist living in Sydney. Moving from large-scale inflatables to small-scale wearable pieces, Brenda’s practice is very broad and defies categorisation. In 2011 she set up SquarePeg Studios in Sydney and achieved a long held dream to develop a supportive, creative and vibrant space for contemporary jewellers in Sydney.

Brenda completed a Master of Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts (UNSW) in 2009, before working as a sessional lecturer in CoFA’s Jewellery Department. She is now devoting her time to making SquarePeg Studios as fabulous as possible, while at the same time not losing touch with her own art productions.


Fused silver and gold stackable rings made by Brenda Factor
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