Bic Tieu

Bic Tieu - Tutor

Bic Tieu is a designer and maker, currently teaching at the University of New South Wales in the faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture. Bic’s practice includes research, exhibition, curatorial, commission and collaboration with industries. Bic has also worked in the international jewellery manufacturing industry specialising in rendering and production. Bic’s works draws on traditional and contemporary crafts, technology and design methods, inspired by her cultural Asian lineage and sensibilities to communicate narratives based on personal cross-cultural concepts. She has developed specialise skills in Asian lacquer by living in Vietnam and Japan for a number of years studying these traditional techniques. In specialising in metal technologies and in Vietnamese and Japanese lacquer, her practice often utilises a synthesis of these materials with design strategies to create new perspectives on contemporary object making and meanings. Recent projects have used cartographic ways to illustrate floral graphic language to construct explorations on cultural identity in the form of wearables and objects designated between the hand and body. For more information about Bic’s practice, please visit or you can follow her on Instagram @bictieustudio.


BicTieu_Floral Movement
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