Olympia Arnaoutoglou

Tenant since April, 2018

Born and raised in Greece, Jewellery designer Olympia Arnaoutoglou attended Madison College (WI, USA) to study Fine Arts. Even though her professional career started in the financial sector (BSc, MSc) she decided to quit her job and follow her dreams. She fell in love with the art of Metalsmithing while taking a jewellery workshop when she moved to Madison (Wisconsin, USA). To pursue her passion for Jewellery Design she moved to the Netherlands, where she collaborated with innovative and master goldsmiths.

She has always been fascinated by the range of colours, shapes and properties of natural materials. Her designs are inspired by the surroundings and objects she encounters everyday.

Olympia pays attention to socially conscious and environmentally friendly jewellery by using responsible and non-toxic materials. She sees her brand, OLYMPIA, as the way to raise awareness around purchasing good quality and Ethical handmade Jewellery.

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