Aris Ioannou-Marsh

Aris Ioannou-Marsh

Tenant since February, 2020

Aris Ioannou-Marsh is a Sydney-based designer and maker working across the disciplines  of jewellery, interiors, ceramics, photography and installation.  

Through material explorations of form and texture, Ioannou-Marsh’s work explores  the body and its relationship to structure through scale.  

With an early exposure to the worlds of architecture and fine art, Ioannou-Marsh’s  work continues to be informed by the built world around him, and its contrasting  influence provided from nature. Sculptural structures are played against organic  textures to explore the strength and beauty of one another.  

Ioannou-Marsh creates objects which are designed to relate directly to their user,  and are designed to change with wear over time. His work is imbued with a  narrative discourse on this bilateral relationship between object and wearer.  

Aris Ioannou-Marsh completed a Bachelor of Design at UNSW Art & Design and  his work has been exhibited in a number of group exhibitions as well as being  featured in online publications.

Earrings by Aris Ioannou-Marsh
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