24 March, 2020

Kindness Pandemic

Emily Copp

As life changes at a rapid pace in Australia and across the world in recent weeks, inevitably the way that we at SquarePeg operate has also been impacted.


Our Current Update


We have currently postponed the start date of our second term of classes due to commence 24th March and are waiting until the circumstances unfold further before making our next round of decision making.


Our hope is that if circumstances allow, we will be able to continue to offer classes adjusted to suit official NSW Health recommendations for those students who wish to keep on making with us at SquarePeg in the coming months.


During these challenging times, our mental health is going to be important to monitor alongside our physical health and many of our students are already expressing to us a desire to continue their learning with us. We have our thinking caps firmly in place and we are hatching ideas as to how we can make that happen.


Lastly, thank you to all of our community who have reached out with words of support during this unprecedented time – we really appreciate your solidarity – we are after all, all in this together.

Equally, we send our thoughts back out into our creative community and across our country and our world. We all have challenges to face during these unprecedented times. We take solace in the firm belief that we all have an opportunity to shine bright with any kindnesses and generosity we can share in these truly unusual days.

We will continue to update and stay in touch with our community as we decide how we can respond and evolve in this fast-changing world.


With warm regards,


The SquarePeg Team (Emily & Kim)