SquarePeg Studios Origin Story

The beginnings of SquarePeg by Brenda Factor, April 2021 SquarePeg was founded in 2011 and grew out of a desire to create a supportive co-working space for jewellers in Sydney. I had been thinking about setting up a place that brought together contemporary makers and was more than simply bench space and access to tools […]

Otto Kunzli Ring for Zwei

What is contemporary jewellery?

Ben Lignel the editor of Art Jewellery Forum describes it as: “Contemporary Jewellery is a type of practice – understood as the contemporary offspring of a craft-based design activity that finds its origin in medieval workshops.” There will be differing descriptions of what contemporary jewellery is, reliant upon who you ask that question. One thing […]

pink hearts floating at night

Kindness Pandemic

April 2021 Update This week we mark 10 years since SquarePeg Studio’s inception. Around this time last year, at a time when it felt like the world had turned on its head, we started thinking about how we would mark the occasion. We knew we would have a  celebration and as the year progressed we […]

SquarePeg Studios since 2011

SquarePeg Studios are proud to be celebrating 10 years and going strong. Join us on Saturday 10th April from 4 pm to join our community in reflecting on and celebrating all the things that make SquarePeg such a special place to be. Launched by Brenda Factor in April 2011 SquarePeg has been a home and […]

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