Jewellery Making Atelier Course – for all levels

Beginner to Advanced

Learn jewellery making and become an accomplished artisan at the SquarePeg Jewellery Making Atelier course! This is a unique opportunity to spend one day per week working with a discerning expert jeweller who will assist you to become successful in developing your own line of jewellery or to create special one-off pieces.

The  Jewellery Making Atelier is an exciting course for students at all levels, offering a broad range of subjects and techniques. Participants are encouraged to produce – through the process of design and making –  jewellery pieces that are individual in design and well made.

Course Skill Level:

Perfect for those with jewellery experience and those starting out on their jewellery making journey.

course details

  • $660.00 inc GST
  • 7 weekday sessions
  • Tuesdays, 10am to 4pm

What a fantastic facility and learning opportunity. My tutor (Jo) stretched my imagination and creative mind, she taught me a plethora of new skills and gave very helpful suggestions. I can’t recomend SquarePeg highly enough. This Atelier course really fulfilled my expectations ... thank you to all the SquarePeggers!

— Glenn, Happy Student


This is an exciting course for beginners, practising jewellers and ongoing students,  offering a broad range of subjects and techniques. The aim of the studio class is to be as flexible as possible to meet individual students needs in a creative studio environment.

Beginner students will spend the first term learning all the fundamentals of jewellery making including saw-piercing, riveting, texturing metal, annealing, soldering and finishing in the process of making a ring, pendant and/or earrings. More experienced students will learn relevant new techniques each term and build upon them through the development of projects. For example, these techniques may include (depending on the stage the student is at) stone setting, wax carving and married metals.

The SquarePeg Atelier will assist participants to develop design excellence while expanding a depth of knowledge in jewellery techniques. Students’ needs are individually met in a warm learning environment in a professional jewellery studio which is home to 12 contemporary makers.

What You'll Learn

What technical skills do students learn?

Students will learn new skills and techniques concurrently or per term as required, (depending on their skill level) with a concept explored each stage. Please note that those who are new to jewellery will first learn introductory jewellery techniques before progressing to more advanced techniques in future terms:

Jewellery techniques may include:

  • The fundamentals of jewellery making aimed at Beginner students
  • Ring and bezel making and rubover stone setting
  •  Soldering and metal forming
  • Skills for making multiples such as wax carving for casting and making models
  • using the hydraulic press
  • married metals
  • making catches and fittings
  • other techniques depending on the student’s needs



What design skills do students learn?

The goal is to provide participants with appropriate knowledge and skills in order to

  • Interpret design theory in a manner relevant for making jewellery
  • Develop problem solving skills in a creative and innovative manner in relation to jewellery design and making
  • Perform metal working techniques

Give participants skills for creative expression


To ensure that students have the best learning experience, our class sizes are capped at 10 students.


What is included?

Base metal sheet and wire

All the consumables you need to make your projects (ie saw blades, emery paper and drill bits) as well as all the hand tools and equipment you need.

Tea or coffee and yummy biscuits

What do you need to bring

A notebook and pen/pencil

An apron

Covered shoes

Your lunch

Your ideas and creativity


We take safety very seriously at SquarePeg. All students must wear proper enclosed shoes (no sandals or thongs), long pants or skirts and have long hair tied back. We provide safety equipment and training on how to use all relevant equipment.

Our Tutors

Why choose a jewellery making course at SquarePeg Studios?

Our courses are taught by highly experienced and passionate teachers who are practising contemporary jewellers. This is the closest to an accredited course – without the assignments, stress and cost – that Sydney has to offer. Students not only gain the satisfaction of designing and hand-making their own piece of jewellery they also have the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at a contemporary professional jewellery studio while learning great new skills in jewellery techniques and design.

An extraordinary, nurturing learning environment combining design and craft to bring your ideas to life. I would highly recommend Square Peg no matter what level you're at.

— Zoe, Pleased Atelier Student

Jewellery Making Atelier Course – for all levels

  • $660.00 inc GST
  • This composite class is suitable for all levels.
  • Tuesdays, 10am to 4pm

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