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I’ll be forever thankful to the friend who recommended SquarePeg jewellery courses to me. I did my first course at the beginning of 2013 and I’m still going!

— Rhonda, Happy Student

SquarePeg is home to 10 contemporary jewellers

Our Studio

SquarePeg is a studio enterprise in a 200sq metre warehouse style space in Marrickville.

With space for 10 contemporary jewellers and a well-equipped workshop, a tenancy at SquarePeg is an opportunity to interact with a mix of emerging and established makers in a supportive and creative environment.

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I'm really enjoying the variety of backgrounds and approaches everyone has - collectively there's a wealth of knowledge. You might be wrestling with a thorny problem and *bam* some-one has a brilliant solution you hadn't thought of. And we all like cake. What's not to love?

— Margarita Sampson, Happy Tenant

Peg of the Month

Kate Ruby Hutchinson, Squarepegger since October, 2014

Kate Ruby Hutchinson- Artist Biography

I’m a contemporary jeweller, metalsmith and metalhead. I like sci-fi novels, television marathons and most other forms of antisocial behaviour and escapism. My practice has been based in both Sydney and on the South Coast of New South Wales since graduating from the jewellery studio at Sydney College of the Arts in 2012. My jewellery consists of both small scale production and one off exhibition pieces.

I am fascinated by the way humans individually perceive colour, and the associations and emotions these represent. I use anodising to disguise and give new meaning to material as I strive to manipulate and unravel the different ways this can be explored through jewellery and the wearable.

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11 June, 2015

Gray Street Workshop artist talk

Brenda Factor

We are super excited to be able to bring you an artist talk by the partners of Gray Street Workshop – Catherine Truman, Sue Lorraine and Jess Dare. To coincide with their exhibition Theatre of Detail at AirSpace Projects (next door to SquarePeg) the artists will talk over their new work in the gallery and the machinations of one...

July is Jewellery exhibition month at AirSpace Projects

Upcoming Event

10 July, 2015

July is jewellery month for SquarePeg Studios and our sister gallery AirSpace Projects (right next door) will be hosting not one, not two but five jewellery related exhibitions. These exhibitions are timed to coincide with the Jewellers and Metalsmiths (JMGA) Conference, edgesbordersgaps. So please join us for opening night drinks on Friday 10 July, 6pm-8pm at AirSpace...

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