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SquarePeg Studio's jewellery school has been a great stepping stone for me, from knowing nothing about jewellery making to landing a full time job in the industry in just half a year of classes. I attended both the weekly night classes and did as many weekend specialised classes I could. The team at SquarePeg were great teachers and really made learning about something I knew nothing about a real interest and has now become my new career. I can't speak more highly about my time there and recommend to anyone interested in jewellery making."

— Bradley, Happy Student

SquarePeg is home to 10 contemporary jewellers

SquarePeg Studios in Sydney has workspaces available for use by aspiring or practicing jewellery designers.

Our Studio

SquarePeg Studio is unique space for making & learning all things jewellery and silversmithing combining a jewellery school and studio spaces. We have courses to suit every level, from beginners through to advanced students.

With space for 12 contemporary jewellers and a well-equipped workshop, a tenancy at SquarePeg is an opportunity to interact with a mix of emerging and established makers in a supportive and creative environment. As well as the studio space, we have a class room and day access area, and a number of tenants are also tutors in our jewellery school.

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I'm really enjoying the variety of backgrounds and approaches everyone has - collectively there's a wealth of knowledge. You might be wrestling with a thorny problem and *bam* some-one has a brilliant solution you hadn't thought of. And we all like cake. What's not to love?

— Margarita Sampson, Happy Tenant

Peg of the Month

Elizabeth Mitchell, Squarepegger since July, 2015

Elizabeth Mitchell is a Deco loving, Rock and Roll dancing, Jasper fossicking metalsmith from Sydney. She is currently in her final year at Enmore TAFE completing her Silversmithing Trade Certificate, and her fledgling label ‘Metal by Mitch’ is peeking it’s head out into the local bustling jewellery community.

An interest in metal forging was piqued at a young age by her father Mitch Mitchell who hand crafted Wrought Iron gates from a factory in the Hills District.

Her journey into metalsmithing began in 2011 when she joined the inaugural Beginners Class with SquarePeg Studios and consequentially stayed for many more. In 2013 she began her Trade Certificate and the cycle comes full circle with 2015 finding her being accepted into tenancy back at the place it all began, SquarePeg Studios.

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27 March, 2017

Meet Maija Frankovich, Graduate Resident

Brenda Factor

Another in our series of interviews with SquarePeg tenants by volunteer Elena Sorensen   SquarePeg:  Who or what first inspired you to create jewellery and why do you choose to work with non-traditional materials like glass? Maija Frankovich: I find this question hard to answer because there are a lot of different factors. My father...

16 February, 2017

Meet Albert, SquarePeg tenant about town

Brenda Factor

This is the first in a series of interviews by SquarePeg volunteer Elena Sorensen.   SquarePeg Studios: You studied at the prestigious contemporary jewellery school Alchimia in Florence. What bearing does that experience have on your current practice and how does working in a collaborative studio space like SquarePeg compare? Albert Tse: It has a...

22 November, 2016

Get Making in our Jewellery Summer School

Brenda Factor

Always wanted to learn how to make jewellery but don’t have the time during the year?  Then book into our intensive Jewellery Summer School and learn how to make your own rings, pendants and earrings over 4 days. Summer school runs from Tuesday 3 – Friday 6 January and is a great way to get...

Repair for the Ranges

Upcoming Event

3 March, 2017

Do you have a special little item of jewellery hidden away in a pouch somewhere that you plan to get fixed ‘one day’ but never have? YOU’RE IN LUCK!! Some of the uber talented ladies at SquarePeg Studios would like to help you, in return for your help to us 🙂 In April we will...

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